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We're proud to let you know that this year has been one of unprecedented growth for us, including an expansion of our clients and the types of freight we've been trusted with. Thanks to all who ship with us!

We've always had a training system for all employees that includes cross training in all relevant areas of the company. We think this commitment to our workforce is really a commitment to you, our customer.

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  Trucking and transportation should be a simple business  concept - move your product from point A to point B on a  specific schedule. Unfortunately, with today’s business  climate many factors like production, quality control or  inventory availability interfere and it suddenly becomes  a complex situation.
          Bell Lines offers a variety of trucking and transportation   services that support you and your customer. Our fleet of  satellite equipped vehicles, our professional drivers and a  staff of knowledgeable transportation industry experts simply  “make it happen” for our customers.        

          - Expedited and Air Freight Trucking
          - Truckload and Contract Hauling
          - LTL and Regional Trucking
          - Air Charter Ground Support
          - Cartage and Courier


At a time when other logistics companies are scaling down, we're betting on the future with new vehicles and equipment that make us the best choice to be your logistics and transportation partner.

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We'll deliver your hopes, your dreams, your freight--on time

Your freight is too important to trust to amateur, fly-by-night truck jockeys or unscrupulous logistics companies. We deliver every time, and that's a promise.

We know the ins and outs of transportation and logistics

The difference, in one word, is experience. Our drivers, dispatch people, customer service representatives, and mechanics have it in spades.

We're not just a vendor, we're your partner

Transportation needs fluctuate, grow, and evolve in ways you might be able to anticipate. We can help create not just a solution, but a logistics strategy.


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